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Where Are You Really From?

Film by Will Kim

OFFICIAL SELECTION - London Short Film Festival - 2022-2.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seattle Asian American Film Festival - 2022.png
Finalist - Los Angeles Animation Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - American Documentary And Animation Film Festival and Film Fund - 2022
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Riverside International Film Festival - 2022-2.png
World Premiere
North America Premiere
2022 laurels-white.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Houston Asian American  Pacific Islander Film Festival - 2022-2.png
California Premiere
Nominated for Best Mini-Doc Jury Award

Audience Choice Award
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brooklyn Film Festival - 2022.png
East Coast Premiere

"Where Are You Really From?" is about the filmmaker's personal experience of receiving countless, repetitive, and racist comments living in America as an Asian American. It is the filmmaker's hope that people stop
the Asian hate, systemic racism, and stereotypes.
Disturbingly inspired by numerous recent incidents of Asians getting harassed and some of the major crimes targeted towards Asians including the Atlanta Spa Shooting Incident, the filmmaker hopes to criticize the materialization and objectifying of Asian women and unconscious, disrespectful, and derogatory terms used towards Asians and Asian Americans with vivid, uncomfortable, and abstract watercolor animation.

Where Are You Really From?   Trailer

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 4.54.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 4.54.14 PM.png

Film Completion Date  July 2021

Film Length : 2 Minutes 7 Seconds
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Dialogue and Subtitle: English

Screen Aspect Ratio 16:9
Sound Stereo

Where Are You Really From_poster.jpg
Where Are You Really From 7.jpg
Where Are You Really From 5.jpg
Where Are You Really From 4.jpg
Where Are You Really From 1.jpg

Film Stills
 © Will Kim All Rights Reserved

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